About our Yoga Classes

Mission Statement


Porters Neck Yoga is a diverse group of yoga practitioners and educators who are dedicated to helping you cultivate the skills to live intentionally to realize your own highest personal goals and create a wholesome society.  We are passionate about yoga and passionate about mindfulness! The classes and teaching styles vary with a wide range of yoga traditions and practices; the common thread being our dedication to sharing the teachings and the benefits of yoga in a way that is accessible to everyone. 

All levels, All bodies, and All abilities are welcome.

Our community is managed democratically by the instructors and most of your payment goes directly to the teachers; we are committed to making our classes affordable and available to all with a drop-in fee of only $10 per class. We also offer more structured yoga and meditation classes and meditation opportunities that require pre-registration.   See the events page on this website.

If you feel that your yoga experience nurtures your spiritual aspirations, not just your physical ones, and if your circumstances allow, you are invited to offer your teachers more than the minimum fee. This simple act of generosity supports your own spiritual aspirations as well as the community.  Notice how good you feel when you toss a couple of extra bucks into the box. 

Located at 106 Marshall Court Unit 120 Wilmington NC 28411

(just behind Winslett and Walls Dental Excellence, 7643 Market Street 

text or call 910-520-6846

email: bhavanayoga120@gmail.com