Bhavana means Cultivation

This course explores ways in which meditation can be used to cultivate mindfulness, ease, joy and kindness to encourage the development of  wholesome character traits.

Bhavana Meditation

Mindfulness is a foundational practice

The Pali word Bhavana means to cultivate, especially with meditation.  Cultivating mindfulness (sati bhavana) is preliminary to cultivating a life that is 

  • Ease-full
  • Joy-full
  • Kind-full

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Four classes on Wednesday afternoons

      from 2:00 - 3:30 .


Porters Neck Yoga & Bhavana Community

106 Marshall Court Unit 120 

Wilmington NC 28411 


Registration Required

The goal of this short course is to give you the tools to feel comfortable beginning a meditation practice on your own.  We will review a variety of meditation techniques and help you find the ones that are most suited to you in whatever time and place you find yourself.  You will also learn about the various local meditation opportunities so you can continue with a group if you like.

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