Learn about the Bhavana Path


Ethical Standards

Ethical Practices are core to the Bhavana Path.  These are expressed in the five lay precepts which are presented here.

Wise Speech

Although wise speech is covered in the precepts, because of the importance of speech, a more comprehensive discussion is helpful.

Mindful Sharing

If you participate in one of our group sharing activities, here are some more guidelines.

How to be Helpful without Giving Advice

It is so easy to think we know what is best for someone else that is useful to have a guide for how to have a conversation without the power differential implied by telling someone what they should do. 

What is Buddhadharma/Buddhadhamma

This is a Summary of some of the core principles as applied to lay practice that are included in the earliest layer of the Buddha's teachings.  They contribute to the teachings of all of the variations in the current Buddhisms of the world.