Meet our teachers

Kersten Mueller


Kas' classes are creative, energetic and playful.  Sure to satisfy the most discerning yogi.  Her life now revolves around her beautiful daughter, Luci, now 7 years old.  

Monique Mueller


Monique loves life and it shows.  She now lives in Wyoming where she teaches Yoga and does acupuncture.  She returns to Wilmington for family and her yoga community.

Catherine Ibsen


 Mindfulness Yoga planted the seeds for the Bhavana Community. Now she is passionate about sharing the skills for living intentionally for the benefit of all living beings. 

Sharon Ely


  In addition to her passion for yoga, Sharon is a certified Level III Reiki Master.   An enthusiastic learnatic, she is currently studying and practicing Qigong and Tai Chi.   

Megan Gallek


 Megan always wants to remain a student first and foremost.  She is learning, each and every day, how to bring yoga into the lives of others. Exploring the connection of the body mind and soul.   

Megan teaches alignment based classes with breath, intention and laughter.   She has been trained in alignment based and vinyasa styles of yoga.

Megan is a registered nurse. 

Scheri Goff


Scheri  is a Sound Bowl Meditation enthusiast!  She has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and has thousands of instructional hours.  She earned her 200 hour certification and title “ Yoga Siromani” in Vrindavan, India from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre.  She has had the opportunity to travel and live abroad with training in India, Croatia, Ukraine, Germany, England, France, and Spain where she studied yoga techniques, spiritual practices, and philosophy.  

Scheri's 500 RYT training is from the Himalayan Institute.  Scheri is passionate about the healing benefits of yoga meditation and relaxation the crystal sound bowls can offer everyone! 

Meghan Howell

Meghan’s desire to explore her practice has sent her all over the world. Graduate of both Longwave


Meghan’s desire to explore her practice has sent her all over the world. Graduate of both Longwave’s and Yoga-Salt’s 200-hour Yoga teacher training classes; and participant in workshops in India, Mexico and France, Meghan has a holistic knowledge of yoga developed through many different perspectives.  Meghan’s deep relationship with yoga has shaped the core of her personality with her practice at the center. By having an approach heavily influenced by her daily meditation practice, Meghan’s classes specialize in developing a mind-body connection that leaves an impression on her pupils beyond the classroom. Her deep inner awareness and astonishingly grounded personality make her a teacher that teach yoga as a lifestyle.

Whitney Matonis


Having fallen in love with Yoga in 2015, she hopes to inspire her students along their own unique fitness + wellness journeys.  Classes include meditation and gentle flow. 

Leigh Ann Mertens

After taking her first yoga class in 1997, Leigh Ann was “hooked!” For her, Yoga was the expansive e

As a teacher, Leigh Ann’s enthusiasm and passion are infectious and her knowledge and clarity are reassuring to students of all ages and levels. Her mission is to create a space for students to encounter themselves with compassion and awareness, and to give them the opportunity to find their edge allowing them to step a little closer to freedom and to go beyond resistance into an acceptance they may have never realize was there. 

Genevera Miller


  Genevera offers mindfulness and meditation techniques in all her classes to allow you to bring the teachings on the mat into everyday life.  MORE 

Robbyn Muse

Robbyn is a yoga pioneer, with over 40 years of experience.  From studying dance to  becoming a cert

 Robbyn is a yoga pioneer, with over 40 years of experience.  From studying dance to  becoming a certified Reiki Master, she brings experiential depth to her classes.  

Georgia Routsis Savas


  Georgia's classes are high spirited, inclusive and a bit irreverent with a focus on alignment.  She takes pride in providing kick-ass playlists.