Discussion and Practice Group


Buddhism for Beginners - course has ended

Stay tuned for the Power of Awareness which begins in September

Series Began February 7, 2019 and continues on Thursday Evenings

106 Marshall Court, Unit 120

        6:30 Meditation

        7:00 Program

        7:30 Discussion

 A dana (donation) box will be available at the door and you are welcome to offer dana to support community activities like this. 


Join us as early as 6:15 to practice sitting meditation in mindful silence. The starting bell will ring at 6:30 and a closing bell will ring at 6:50.  There will be a 10 minute walking meditation and a break for those who want to join us for the video at 7:00.  The videos will be 20 – 30 minutes long followed by discussion.  The value of sharing a discussion with a curious and a like-minded community is priceless.   I  will post the topic for the current week on the Bhavana Community Calendar