Sutta Study as Spiritual Practice

Teachings from Bodhi College

 As a group we have shared two courses from Bodhi College through Tricycle Magazine; The Four Noble Truths and Mindfulness:  Its Origins, Purpose, and Transformational Power.  We spent a year on each of them, pausing to discuss and apply the teachings to our own lives.  These courses were so helpful that when video recordings of a Bodhi College Day-Long program called Early Buddhism for Today were offered, we couldn't resist.  However, we had already committed to studying the Dhammapada as a group.  As we watched the first lecture, however, it was obvious that we would simply have to do both programs which we agreed to do on alternate weeks.  Although the course content builds from week to week, we welcome newcomers and simply ask that you be patient as you become accustomed to the depth and intensity of our exploration.

Join us

We meet Monday nights at 6:00 to meditate and the program for the week begins at 6:30.  We meet at Eastwood Village Community Center, 1312 2 Mile Cir E, Wilmington, NC.   For information and online links, contact me at   There is no charge for this program but you are invited to make a donation to support our programs and our periodic donations to Bodhi College.


Sutta Study

 Beginning December 4th, 2019, we began exploring the Dhammapada, one of the earliest, most loved and widely circulated Buddhist texts.  We are using  Gil Fronsdal's translation supplemented by texts translated by others and the original Pali text as well.  Feel free to join at any time.