Local Sitting Groups with Mindfulness Foundations


8:30 – 9:15 AM Wilmington Sunday Sangha Sitting Group.  Silent meditation begins at 8:30.  There is no instruction but often "enlightening" conversations after the sitting. Everybody is welcome, cushions and chairs are available, or you may bring your own.  Email Angelika at  angelikalacer@gmail.com  or call 910-3987683 for location. 

1 - 2 PM The Oak Island sitting group meets at Rebel Soul Yoga, 6102 E. Oak Island Drive on Sundays at 1:00.  The group meetings are temporarily suspended.  Contact Shannon at shannondievendorf@hotmail.com or call her at 910-975-9426


 6 - 7:30 PM  Sutta Study group.  The main purpose of the group is to explore the earliest teachings of the Buddha that we are able to find to answer the question "What did he really say for us in today's world?" as best we know.  Beginning December 4th, 2019, we have exploring the Dhammapada, one of the most popular Buddhist texts.  On alternating weeks we are also viewing a program from Bodhi College called "Early Buddhism for Today".  Feel free to join at any time.  For information and online links, contact me at at catherine@bhavanacommunity.org.  We meet at Eastwood Village Community Center, 1312 2 Mile Cir E, Wilmington, NC.  Dana for this program will be shared with the Bhavana Community and the teachers at Bodhi College in England.  


5:30 - 7:00 PM Buddhism Book Study Group - AKA “Buddha Buddies” Meetings.  

We begin with a 20-minute guided meditation using “Insight Timer”, a free Meditation App.  Group meditation helps us to focus and prepare for the evening’s reading/discussion.  We sit in chairs, but you are welcome to bring a cushion if you prefer.   The group explores Buddhist concepts and works to integrate what we have learned into our day-to-day lives.  Our goal is to cultivate a more contemplative, compassionate and happier life.   All levels of knowledge are welcome. You need only bring open mind and a desire for community. Please contact Ann at 910-619-4444 for current reading and location. 

 6:50 – 8:15 PM  The Wilmington Zen Group meets each Tuesday at the Unitarian Church at 4313 Lake Avenue 28403.  The first sitting begins promptly at 6:50, but if you're coming for the first time try to arrive by 6:35 for a brief orientation.  We begin with  a 30-minute sitting, then a ten-minute walking meditation  followed by a twenty-minute sitting. We finish with a shared reading, passing the book around the circle until the chapter is ended.  Please enter the church through the 2nd to last door on the parking lot side of the church.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a zafu  (meditation cushion) if you have one.  We do have extras. There is also the option of sitting on chairs.  All are welcome.  There is no fee, but a small donation of two or three dollars helps  pay the rent for the space.  For more information contact Elizabeth Darrow at elizdarrow@gmail.com, or call her at 910-762-7465.​   


1:00 - 1:50 PM  Wednesday Drop-In Meditation every Wednesday at 106 Marshall Court, Unit 120. Each session will include a guided meditation for 30 - 40 minutes followed by a short discussion and opportunity for mindful sharing. The sessions will be hosted by one of the community members on a rotational basis.  Check the schedule for the weekly host.  Newbies, beginners and seasoned practitioners welcome.  Suggested donation $3 - $5. 

7:00 – 8:30 PM  Biweekly Sitting/reading group at the home of Dylan Patterson (316 N. 16th Street in Wilmington) on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Silent meditation for the first and final 15 minutes and an hour is spent discussing the book we are currently reading. Contact Dylan Patterson at djpwilmington@earthlink.net or call 910.685.5122 for the title of the current book or with any other questions.​​ 


7:00 Heartfulness Meditation.  Open to one and all, Heartfulness is for seekers of spirituality, a silent heart based meditation using yogic transmission for transformation of the inner and outer self. Please message Toddplatzer@yahoo.com if you are interested, and feel free to join Wednesday as we meet for meditation downtown at 7:00 pm in the Hannah Block Historic USO/ Community Arts Center 120 S. 2nd Street.


 6:30– 8:00 PM The Dhamma Discussion and Practice Group (DD&P).  As of Thursday, January  4th, the group will begin meeting at 106 Marshall Court, Unit 120.  The theme for the year will be cultivating awareness with videos from Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.  Sitting begins at 6:30, the program begins at 7:00 and Discussion begins around 7:30,  Here is a link to more information.  There is no fee but there is a dana box near the door if you wish to make a small donation to support Bhavana Community programming.  For more information, contact Catherine Ibsen at catherine@bhavanacommunity.org

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